What is education

What is education, I wonder!  Is it learning, or information gathering – about the world, about one’s surroundings, about the ‘self’?  Who educates us?  Why do we educate others?  What does education bring into my life? I can’t simply stop wondering.  And another word kept nagging and crept stealthily inside my mind – knowledge!  Do... Continue Reading →

How I discovered Kenya

  “Hello”, I said, as I picked up the incoming phone in the office. “Abaar gaan”, I heard a male voice from the other side. What’s this? I almost jumped off my chair. Thousands of kilometers away in a different continent, I am hearing a male voice, albeit with a strange pronunciation, uttering two words... Continue Reading →

And so it begins ……

Johnnie Walker Blue Label When it is not blue, it is not red – at least, not necessarily. Our teen-days were different, though. Red. Those were red days. Tea from the roadside stall was red. The sun while peeping through the east horizon, was red. Roses in the garden of rich neighbour were red. And,... Continue Reading →

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