He is otherwise a decent guy. Fair in his complexion and smooth in communication. Intriguingly, he is aware of some areas of quantum physics, theology, few other random subjects and also Hindu religion. This man – if there is anything called destiny, became my personal trainer in the gym. I was going to the gym... Continue Reading →

The French Food In Abidjan

As I approached the entrance of the so-called guest house, the driveway presented itself in a self-determiningly subtle but conspicuous manner. There were two lines drawn parallelly on the reddish soil of the earth – the width of those two lines barely enough to fit the perimeter of car tyres, and the lines were made... Continue Reading →

The Unfinished Recipe

It was good; the coffee was good – as usual. I love Costa coffee. Mashura knows. That is why she asked me to meet her at the Costa Coffee outlet in Dubai airport. I was transiting Dubai to go to Singapore. She was on her way home for her annual vacation. I looked at my... Continue Reading →

Shiva and a white man

“What else do you have under your sleeve?” was my question to the man sitting at the corner, and the lady started laughing. She was laughing her heart out and I got puzzled. Did I say something I shouldn’t have? The environment around that twenty metre square area was a tad too hot with raw... Continue Reading →

The Tale of my Yellow Tail

I thought I could cook any day for my living, but what was a discovery was that - for me to cook Yellow Tail fish, I would need someone experienced - either in my room or within my network.

Is a garage really a garage?

It was about thirty minutes before mid-night and they were on their way back home – nay, trying to find their way back home. There was an elaborate spread of tasty Indian food [ albeit veggie   ] at one of the colleagues’ places, more particularly consumed aside a couple of glasses of beautiful wine following three... Continue Reading →

What is education

What is education, I wonder!  Is it learning, or information gathering – about the world, about one’s surroundings, about the ‘self’?  Who educates us?  Why do we educate others?  What does education bring into my life? I can’t simply stop wondering.  And another word kept nagging and crept stealthily inside my mind – knowledge!  Do... Continue Reading →

And so it begins ……

Johnnie Walker Blue Label When it is not blue, it is not red – at least, not necessarily. Our teen-days were different, though. Red. Those were red days. Tea from the roadside stall was red. The sun while peeping through the east horizon, was red. Roses in the garden of rich neighbour were red. And,... Continue Reading →

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