Male gaze

On that day, I was in a meeting with four people discussing women’s issues in general. Subsequently, when I was reporting this to her, I tried to be a bit dramatic and said that all others in the meeting excepting me were wearing women’s dresses.

She was an activist in development sector and working, among other fields, on women’s issues. She understood instantly that I was referring to women attendees in the reported meeting, but asked me if I had not seen any biological female wearing a man’s dress.

I immediately realised that I had made a mistake with a politically incorrect stand.

The weekend that followed, I met few colleagues, friends and acquaintances, but all were men and working in manufacturing, trading and service sectors. To each of them I reported the said meeting and used the same expression (people wearing women’s dress).

Each of the male person I have spoken understood the expression and in some way or other through their body language chuckled in appreciation of my expression.

That was when I realised that one 8th March (International Women’s Day) was not good enough to highlight the women’s issues. It perhaps needs a low level formatting of the hard disc in our brain, a complete erasing of all existing data, and to start afresh on a clean page of thought.

One 8th March is not good enough indeed, and we need many days, perhaps all the available days until women’s issues are properly and completely addressed to their desired consequence.

I invite all to take part in the thought-cleaning process and promote the cause in whatever possible way and #BeBoldForChange.

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