Mozambique – first impression

It must have been somewhat less than a decade ago that I landed in Maputo airport sometime late morning . Curious eyes and all other senses in military attention position, I tried to gather the first impression of the country – Mozambique.

Opulence of other busy airports elsewhere is absent, but the airport was working silently and almost smoothly. I said to myself – “Check buddy, yet another African soil – so similar, but very diverse”.

There was a sheet of grey all across the firmament and the palm trees on the shoreline trying very hard to keep their heads high in the midst of very heavy winds. It was perhaps 70 kilometer – the driver said, about the wind speed.

I slid down the window glass and stretched my left hand out into the wilderness of the nature. The wind outside perhaps did not like my reckless adventure. In a split second, my hand banged against the window frame of the car……. It was heavier than the wind speed, I mean, the impact. And much heavier than the impact was the pain.

And, the heaviest of all was my mind that refused to accept the way my tour de Mozambique started.

Therefore, and surely, I needed to do something else that will change the atmosphere.

From the French window of the hotel room, I could see sea waves that were huge and daunting. Subdued with the pain in my arm, I wanted to retire until the weather would improve. But that was not to be.

My host arrived to take me out for lunch. And that was it. It was that afternoon that I declared that the best prawn was available only in one place on earth, and that was Mozambique.

My mood changed almost instantly and steadied toward discovering all the good things that Mozambique could offer. And there were plenty of them, and they remain aplenty.

My visits to this wonderful country were not very frequent, but memories of the first one are still fresh.

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